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Content Rating : 4+
Size : 46MB

Do you like Rubik’s cubes? Are you a big fan of puzzles of all kinds? Looking for new ways to get the cube that will give you the challenge you need? TheCubicle App is for you!

They say that for every person there is the perfect app. Well TheCubicle is the perfect mobile store for anyone who wants to discover new cubes to solve. Did you know that there are several models of Rubik’s cube? I didn’t know it. Of course, there is the 4X4 or 3X3 cube. But in TheCubicle store, they go far beyond this model.

Why not an octagonal model? Because 4 sides is way too easy! 😀 But this app takes you far beyond the simple Rubik’s cubes. Dozens of other types of “puzzles” are available. And the prices are quite interesting. So many games to manipulate and exercise your brain.

In addition, they even sell lubricants to keep your stuff at its best. 😉 Because what could be more frustrating than having a cube that no longer wants to spin? Honestly, I had a lot of these cubes being younger, and they always ended up being hard to turn.

In conclusion

Obviously, this store will not be useful to everyone. But are we not in the era of specialization and niche audiences?

Because the truth is if you are fond of this kind of game, you will want to download this mobile app. And if not, you can still take a look at it. You will be amazed to discover all the options available to you.