Famio: Connect with Family

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Languages : English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Content Rating : 4+
Size : 79MB

The Famio: Connect with Family app, from HarmonyBit, is a mobile app that lets you know exactly where someone, who has the app on their phone, is. But be careful, you must have permission.

Supposedly designed for peace of mind, Famio allows you to stay digitally connected with your loved ones, wherever they are.

A real utility

The application can have real non-invasive utility. For example, if you are going camping in a remote corner and want a loved one to be able to follow your route, Famio lets you do that. Give you access to your loved ones, and they can make sure everything is okay and you are where you should be.


  • Connect quickly to your loved ones and family;
  • Assign groups to different users in order to follow several people at the same time;
  • Get notified if their phone’s battery is low so you know why they are not answering their phone;
  • Find phones if they are lost or stolen.

Our conclusion

For $ 100 a year, you can not only send an SOS if you’re in danger, but you can spy on anyone if you managed to steal their phone. You can even receive a notification that the monitored person is arriving to a specific location. Without forgetting the history of notifications to never forget…

A great way to prove that you don’t trust someone.