NetGalley Shelf

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Languages : English, French, German, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese
Content Rating : 4+
Size : 23MB

NetGalley Shelf is a book reading and listening app for NetGalley members. It helps publishers and authors promote digital copies for reviews and audiobooks to book advocates and industry professionals. Publishers make digital copies and audiobooks available to the NetGalley community for discovery, request, reading, and review.

NetGalley does not sell any content, including books or audiobooks. Each book on the app is provided to specific members, by the publisher, at no cost to the member. The books on the NetGalley site are used for review and promotion purposes only.

Once a book is downloaded, the member can customize their reading experience – including adjusting the font and font size, options for dark mode and different background colors, bookmarks, etc. Downloaded audiobooks can be listened to offline and have full controls to customize the listening experience – including a sleep timer, the ability to change playback speed, and easy ways to navigate to another section of the audiobook.

For who?

Users of the app must register as members on or Once a member has access to a book, it can be downloaded into the NetGalley Shelf app for reading / listening, online or offline.

And to register, you have to be either a critic or a book worker. So not just anyone can take advantage of this mobile application. But it is very interesting for anyone who writes literary reviews.