How is Life Therapist

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Languages : English
Content Rating : 12+
Size : 101MB

How is Life Therapist allows people in therapy to slowly build trust with their therapists, using an authorization system – more sensitive client information (like profile picture, CV, stress level at work…) are hidden by default and can be requested by therapists only when needed. And if necessary, therapists and clients can communicate outside of the app.

The idea is to allow someone to follow their evolution. But the application is not very instinctive.

Obligation to create a profile

Do you want the whole planet to be able to access the data you share with your psychologist? Well, I don’t. But if you want to use How is Life Therapist, you must create an account. And they suggest that you log in using a third-party application, such as Facebook or Line.

No matter how much the creators say your privacy is protected, and that the app is GDPR compliant, I’m not really confident. Especially when I am told that the connection with a third-party account allows you to ignore the password.


How is Life Therapist offers several customizable options to provide a more enjoyable experience:

  • change mood calendar colors
  • use handwriting fonts
  • use realistic moodboxes
  • use a paper-like background
  • use ultra dark mode

But that doesn’t make the app fun to use at all. Want to keep a journal of your moods? I suggest you use Pixels. It is much more pleasant to use and above all, it is safer.